Monday, 24 June 2013

The Joy of a Scuppered Plan

Sometimes, you make a plan with the best intentions, and something comes along to throw all plans out of the window. It seems to be the way that a clean-living plan is usually scuppered by a more naughty one, rather than plans for a party being intercepted by a burning desire to go to the gym. For example: a few days ago, some friends and I had planned for an evening of healthy wakeboarding on the estuary, yet mother nature decided to make it too choppy, so we ended up going for a drink instead. Chuh, wind, eh?

Needless to say we still had a whale of a time,  quickly getting over the fact that we weren't going to be sopping wet and cold on a June evening.

However, look how keenly we started out at Trouts' Boatyard! Lunges, big grins and everything.

At the mooring, the water was disarmingly calm...

A rainbow signaled the start of potentially plan-scuppering weather...

Dave merrily and optimistically points out the patch of good weather. You know, the one just in front of the rainbow.

Tory and I (perhaps prematurely) accept the inevitable, and get stuck into a bottle of Prosecco. 

Glass number two?

Even excellent wakeboarder and surfer Dave deemed the water to be a tad choppy (I'm a complete beginner) so we headed to the beautifully situated River Exe Cafe, to enjoy the view and a few beers.

If you haven't been there yet, it is well worth a visit. Despite being a stone's throw away from Starcross, the only way to reach the cafe is by water taxi from Exmouth, or via your own barge, be it kayak or RIB. The food is locally sourced, the atmosphere is great and they are hoping to host regular comedy and live music nights.
We only stayed for a few drinks, but the food is excellent, so good in fact that the days of mooring up on a Friday or Saturday night on a speculative foodie visit are now gone - the place gets booked up quickly now so make sure you call so as not to be disappointed!
You can also book it out for private parties; my brother's 30th is to be celebrated there later this year and that, in my opinion, is a hard setting to beat.


The boys discuss whether or not it's time to get in the water...

 According to this guy, it definitely is. Darn.

We don't look too sure.

But after a bit of posing...

and a brief chat with Snoopy, the River Exe Cafe's resident pooch, we get on our (slightly too) merry way.

It's 9pm by the time Dave gets in the water, so there's only enough light for our resident pro to show us how it's done.

all going brilliantly, until...


Brave Dave gets back up but by now it's pretty pretty dark and even my widest aperture is struggling, so apologies for the blurred lines...


 We head back in, windswept, sun kissed, tired and happy.

If you fancy heading to the River Exe Cafe, find out all you need to know here.
It's well worth the trip.


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